Our Cleaning Process

Headlight Lens Restoration

This treatment radically improves the visibility of headlights by giving a new life to the head light cover. It clears all hard water and oxidation from the glass, thereby letting the headlights shine bright

  • Removes all dirt, dust, hard water marks from the glass
  • Removes the oxidation formed which clears the passage of light
  • Makes night driving safer

Hazardous Cleaning

In Hazardous cleaning  process we pamper your vehicle with 100% soft foam wash using a high purity foam cleansing system. A high pressure wash cycle is used to remove all traces of grime including hard to reach places deep in wheel wells. Application of Blue Coral triple foam polish which then is buffed in our polishing section of the tunnel to provide a showroom shine.

Rain-X complete surface protestant is applied over the entire body to increase shine, better your surface protection and repel water for safer driving in poor weather. This is then followed by a rinse using specially filtered water and put through our 8 contoured drying blowers to remove most of the excess water.

Scratch Removal

Scratches on the paint of a car can be frustrating, no matter how fine or minor they might be. These can be found on car paint from low hanging tree branches, other cars or car doors, stray grocery carts in parking lots, small animals, or toys and sports equipment among other things. Getting rid of these annoying imperfections does not require a complete paint job or an expensive body detailing job.We  remove fine scratches from your car’s paint

Inside out cleaning of windows & mirrors

This is for cleansing and protection of windshield of cars. With this treatment, hard water marks and oxidation are removed and a fine protective layer is formed to provide clear vision to drive during night as well as during rainy season.

  • Enhances the safety & drive-ability.
  • Dramatically improves all weather visibility, safety and driving comfort.