Our Process in Car Washing

Proper Washing & Drying Technique

Swirl marks that disfigure your car are, in part, caused by poor washing technique. Regular washes and careful hand-drying is the best care that you can give your vehicle. Improper techniques not only impede the longevity of your car, but cause scratches in the paint, requiring compounding or polishing. You can avoid these problems and save yourself time by following a few simple tips when washing and drying your vehicle

High Pressure Rinse

First rinse the car completely with water to get rid of any loose dirt and dust accumulated on the surface. The purpose of rinsing before washing is to remove contaminants so they do not scratch the paint as they slide off the vehicle. The team at Mittagong’s Car Wash says that it is beneficial to rinse your vehicle from top to bottom. By starting at the top, you will avoid sliding dirt into your previously rinsed area.

  • Squeeze Trigger. High Pressure.
  • Grip wand firmly.
  • Turn selector knob to RINSE.
  • Rinse from top to bottom.


Apply pre-soak to remove road film prior to high pressure wash. Pre-soaking your vehicle will allow you to achieve a higher level of clean by breaking down grime and dirt.

  • Squeeze Trigger. High Pressure.
  • Turn selector knob to PRE-SOAK.
  • Apply low pressure pre-soak to entire vehicle.
  • Apply pre-soak to remove road film prior to High Pressure Soap.

Foam Brush

For stubborn spots, like bugs or tar, use a foam brush to gently remove sticky contaminants without scratching.

  • Please do not use brush on engine.
  • Check brush for cleanliness. Rinse if needed.
  • Turn selector knob to FOAM BRUSH.
  • Gently scrub entire vehicle. Return brush to holder.